Payment Holiday for Personal Customers


In order to face the uncertainty that families are dealing with at this time, Santander complements the Government Moratorium for Mortgage Loans for Primary Residence.


What is the purpose of payment holiday to loans to personal customers?

While facing the COVID-19 pandemic, the monthly income of many Portuguese families is likely to be temporarily affected. Therefore, a temporary suspension of payments of cash and mortgage loans instalments will help to reduce the impact on families’ livelihoods at this particularly challenging time.


The Portuguese Government has approved a principal and interest payment holiday until 30 September 2020, which covers mortgage loans for primary residence, and only applies to families who find themselves in specific circumstances.


In order to face the uncertainty that families are dealing with at this time, Santander complements the Government Moratorium, by offering a solution to immediately suspend principal instalments on all of their loans, including mortgage loans, any other kind of mortgages (until 30 September 2020) and cash loans or any other kind of consumer credit, for a twelve-month period.

Contabilidade fiscalidade

What is the Government Moratorium?


The Portuguese Government has announced that families and companies affected by the COVID-19 pandemic will be entitled to a payment holiday on the instalments concerning the mortgage loans for their primary residences (the “Government Moratorium”).

The moratorium published in Decree-Law No. 10-J/2020, of 26 March, consists of a grace period on principal and interest payments until 30 September 2020 applicable to mortgage loan agreements for primary residence.

Any principal corresponding to the grace period shall be paid by extending the loan agreement for a period equal to the grace period granted under this moratorium. Any interest in respect of the grace period will be compounded in the loan.

The Government Moratorium is only available to persons who find themselves under specific circumstances, notably:

  • Prophylactic isolation;
  • Disease;
  • Assistance to children and grandchildren;
  • Employees of companies that have reduced the normal working period of their employees or suspended their employment contract due to corporate crisis;
  • Unemployment registered with the Instituto do Emprego e Formação Profissional (IEFP);
  • Self-employed workers eligible to benefit from special support due to reduced economic activity;
  • Employees who work on a business premise or activity that has been shut down during the state of emergency.
ter liquidez com o Santander

What is the Santander Payment Holiday solution?

Santander has created a payment holiday solution for personal customers, which was enhanced in line with the conditions set out by the Portuguese Banking Association (PBA) for moratoriums of private initiative. It covers a wide range of loan agreements, including mortgage and non-mortgage loans, and has a simplified application process based on digital channels.

With Santander Payment Holiday Solution, the Customer only pays interest(1) on all mortgage and cash loans, until 30 September or within the next 12 months, respectively.


This means that in regard to these loans, the Customer will not pay the principal amount on its instalments during this period of uncertainty. The suspended principal instalments shall be paid by the end of the contract, which shall be extended for an equal period.


(1) If the Customer wishes to do so, it can also include in the Moratorium the non-payment of interest, which will be compounded every three months.


Am I eligible to benefit from the Santander Payment Holiday solution?

All Customers with mortgage and non-mortgage loans in force, who are not in arrears or are in default but for less than 90 days (as at 18 March 2020) under the loan agreement to which the moratorium applies to, can apply for the Santander Payment Holiday.

In order to benefit, Customers, or any member of their household, must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Temporary income reduction in accordance with the Customer’s declaration of over 20% of its income, as a result of the current pandemic;

  • OR under any of the aforementioned circumstances for being able to have access to the Government Moratorium.

The application requests will be duly analysed in accordance with the Bank criteria and in light of the current circumstances. Special arrangements for granting credit (such as subsidies, special arrangements for mortgage loans, programmes such as the IFRRU or warranties from Mutual Guarantee Institutions) may also be subject to third parties’ authorisations.

Condições de acesso

What do I need to do to request it?

You can apply on NetBanco by choosing the option “Covid-19 - Exceptional measures” available in the menu “Loans”.

In order to apply for the Government Moratorium, you must declare, under your word of honour, that you are under one of the set out situations to be able have access to the moratorium. Additionally, you will need to submit evidence showing that you are not in arrears with payments to the Social Security and the Tax and Customs Authority.


You will need to provide supporting documents of such situation. You can obtain such documents directly from the aforementioned entities, which are available online.


Regarding the Santander Payment Holiday Solution, the application process is simple and immediate, as you only need to declare that there was a higher than 20% reduction on your income (or on any of your household members) due to the current pandemic, or that you meet any of the criteria provided for accessing the Government Moratorium.


You must select the moratorium option for each covered loan and submit the application request. Provided that it is confirmed that the Customer is not in arrears and upon analysis of the relevant request, the application may be accepted and the new conditions will be applied to the loan agreements covered by such payment holiday to which the Customer is stated as the first holder.


You can apply for the Government Moratorium until 30 September and to the Santander Payment Holiday until 30 June 2020.

How can I apply for the Santander Payment Holiday?


Steps to apply:



1. Please log in to NetBanco Particulares;

2. Please go to the menu “Loans”;


3. Select the option “COVID-19 - Exceptional measures”;


4. Select the types of loans that you wish to include in your application;


5. If you are applying for the Santander Payment Holiday, please specify your request status;


6. If you are applying for the Government Moratorium, please specify your request status;
Then upload the Social Security and Tax and Customs Authority good standing certificates.


7. Confirm the submission of your application request.