Word Description
Instalment, principal and interest


Monthly and constant loan payments or repayments



The part of the instalment corresponding to the payment of the borrowed amount



The part of the instalment corresponding to the amount received by the bank for lending the amount in question

Mortgage loan A property or a similar asset (e.g. a car) is given as collateral for the loan
Prophylactic isolation

A measure of social distancing for people who are supposed to be healthy and who may have been in contact with an infected patient

Household Spouses or unmarried partners and their direct relatives, up to 3rd degree relatives, such as children and parents, in cohabitation. (Concept for Social Security, by Decree-Law no. 70/2010)
Insolvency Situation in which the debtor is unable to comply with obligations that are due or where the value of the liabilities is higher than the value of the assets (Insolvency and Corporate Recovery Code)