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How do I apply for the moratorium via NetBanco?

Login to Netbanco:


            ●  Select the “Loans” tab in the dropdown menu and then “COVID-19 – Apply for the Moratorium”, to access your loans.

            ●  For each loan, select either apply for the Government Moratorium or the Santander Moratorium.

            ●  If you apply for the Government Moratorium, add the requested documents. Find out which documents you must submit

            ●  You will receive an email confirming that your application has been submitted and that:

                    ●  it was either accepted, in case you applied for the Santander moratorium

                    ●  it is being reviewed in case you applied for the Government moratorium.


Payment methods

            ●  Not paying the instalment in full (neither principal nor interest)

            ●  Paying only interest.


If you do not use NetBanco, find out how to obtain login credentials, or, in case of doubt, contact the Moratorium Helpline+351 217 807 125, available on business days, from 8am to 8pm.